Jimmy Dugan and Mae Mordabito

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hanks and madonnaJimmy Dugan

Born and raised in Michigan, Jimmy Duggan was a marque slugger for the Chicago Cubs once hitting 56 home runs in a single season.  As a Cub player in the early 30’s, Dugan was managed by Roger Hornsby who called the third-baseman “a talking pile of shit.”  Besides baseball Duggan loved women once thanking God for the waitress in South, the one who kept calling God’s name, in a team prayer.  After his playing days were over Duggan managed the all-women team popular at the beginning of World War II. Whenthe Peaches’GMreminded Dugan he had good ballplayers, Dugan shot back “I don’t have ballplayers, I have girls.  Girls are who you sleep with after a game.” Since retiring from baseball after the war Dugan migrated to the east coast and became a rabid fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Mae Mordabito

Mae “All the way” Mordabito, is a hard charging,  taxi-dancer from New York City who played shortstop for the Rockford Peaches, an all-women team that sprang up during World War II.  Mae, who was known to slide head-first into third or showboat a bit by catching flyballs with her cap, lived as hard as she played earning her every right to her “all the way” nickname.  She was known to have a beau in every town and enjoyed entertaining them in her room, a violation of team rules.

Her alter-ego here on Home Runs and Cherry Pie is just as brash and loves the game just as much.

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