Fantasy Baseball is a Misnomer

Jan 12, 2016 by

sexy-baseball-fans-21-e1271053279854I have played fantasy baseball. I’ll probably play it again this year. Aside from the fact that it sucks up way more of my time than I’d like, it’s fun. I enjoy the competition. I also enjoy how it gives me a real incentive to closely follow individual players from various teams.

That said, I think the term “fantasy baseball” is a complete misnomer. The things it makes me do are far from fantasy for me. I’m talking about things like checking stats on my phone in the bathroom because I’m too busy to do it at any other time on some days. I’m talking about panicking to get a roster change done before the deadline because I just learned that one of my guys was put on the DL.

When I think of fantasy, I think of doing Brandon Crawford in the dugout or giving Madison Bumgarner a BJ just to make sure he stays loose.  Sometimes I think of having sex in the stands during a game. You know, things that any sex-and-baseball-loving woman would think about. Real fantasies.

Maybe I should incorporate my fantasies with fantasy baseball. Maybe I’ll add my top performing player each day to my more personal fantasies each night. Maybe I’ll write about some of them and share them.

That would definitely make all the work of fantasy baseball more rewarding, don’t you think?

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